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Windows Server 2016 is the latest offering from server platform, that has enhanced security features, deployment options, has built-in containers and provides cost efficient storage.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Features

Windows 10 latest anniversary update has lot of enhanced features such as sticky notes with Cortana, setting to turn on dark mode from light mode, now music controls in the lock screen. Simply download the update assistant.

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The Surface Pro 4 tablet is powered by Windows 10, works with the full suite of Office products. You can keep your files, settings and more in your new Windows 10 PC.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Troubleshoot Windows "blue screen" Stop code or system crash

Computers often run into technical issues that require a restart. Have you even encountered such an issue when working on a computer with Microsoft Windows operating system? Have you ever seen a blue screen with the following error message or a similar message?

If yes, how did you resolve the issue? There are several errors that require restarting your computer. These errors mainly occur when there are issues with your operating system or with a software or hardware installed or configured on your computer.

In this blog, let us discuss steps to troubleshoot errors, such as the blue screen stop error:
  1. Identify the stop error code on the screen before the computer restarts.
    Tip: Even after restarting, the errors will be available in the Windows event log.
  2. Search the stop error code in the Microsoft website for resolutions, if any.
  3. Additionally, review for other critical or similar errors in the Windows event log and search for resolutions in the Microsoft website, if any.
  4. Verify if there are recent changes to the hardware or software configurations, such as the installation of device drivers and updates applied to the Windows operating system. If yes, uninstall or disable the software or hardware to resolve the issue.
  5. Diagnose hardware issues in the BIOS and try resolving the issues, if any.

For additional information on troubleshooting blue screen stop error, see the Microsoft website.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Microsoft warns Windows 7 as insecure

According to Microsoft, the Windows 7 operating system is gradually approaching the end of its lifecycle. Windows 7 has been identified with security deficiencies and new hardware drivers restrictions. Therefore, the users having Windows 7 are susceptible to cyber attacks as compared to users of higher versions of Windows operating system.

All the users installed with the Windows 7 operating system are expected to incur high operating costs because of reliability and compatibility issues with the operating system.

Microsoft has announced that support for Windows 7 will cease by January 14, 2020.

Our recommendation

Our recommendations and views are as follows:

  • Upgrade the operating system at no additional cost because Microsoft provides free upgrade to Windows 10.
  • If you are planning to continue using Windows 7, ensure the following:
    • Install an antivirus software and keep it up-to-date.
    • Enable Windows Firewall for protection.
    • Frequently update the operating system.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Windows 10 keyboard shortcut keys to make life easier and comfort

Windows key + Alphabets

Windows key + control keys