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I will teach you how to save Excel as PDF in landscape mode orientation in this quick tutorial. Whenever we have to share excel files, we usually share them in PDF format so that the receiver can not change the composition and data of the excel file. For those reasons, we save Excel files as PDFs.

How to Save Excel as PDF in Landscape

Here is the complete guide on how to save the Excel workbook as a PDF

How to Save Excel as PDF in Landscape

To save excel as PDF in Landscape mode orientation, follow the steps given below in this tutorial:

Step-1: Open Microsoft Excel and select a blank worksheet.

Step-2: Now, enter the data in the worksheet.

Step-3: Once the data is cleared, click on the file tab.

Step-4: Click on print.

How to Save Excel as PDF in Landscape

Step-5: Select the printer and change the orientation to landscape.

Step-6: Click on print.

Step-7: Enter the name of the PDF and then click on save.

In this way, you can successfully save the excel workbook in PDF format.

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