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If you have taken the remote of a computer and you are not able to copy and paste any data from your computer, then you do not need to worry. We have some solutions that can help you fix this issue.

Many good features of Remote Desktops are available on Windows computers. One of its nice features is that you can access the data by taking the remote of the computer and can also copy-paste if needed.

Now the problem is that after taking the remote, the data is not being copied and pasted. I agree that this problem has come by default.

Now, some steps we follow and fix it.

Fix issue: Copy paste not working in the Remote Desktop Connection.

Method 1: Enable the Clipboard option in the connection properties 

If copy-paste is not working on the Remote Desktop computer, first check by enabling the clipboard. If your issue is fixed then you don't need to do any further steps

  • Open Remote Desktop Connection through mstsc command.
Note:- mstsc means Microsoft Terminal Services Client. It's a command line interface to run the Microsoft Remote Desktop ( RDP) client.

Fix issue: Copy paste not working in the Remote Desktop Connection.

  • Right-Click on the Remote Desktop Connection icon and click Edit. 

            or Click on Show Options. please refer below picture.


  • Choose Local Resources from the above Tab button & make sure Clipboard is checked. if it is unchecked then check it. and click on the More button.


  • Now, from the list of options, check on Drives and press OK button. This is an option to grant access to local drives. 


  • Now finally come to General Tab & Click on the Save button.

I hope your problem is resolved !! if still the same, follow method 2...

Method 2: Kill the RDP clipboard process from the Task Manager

  • Open Task Manager. 
There are many options to open Task Manager. Right-click on the taskbar and click on Task Manager.
the second option is to click the window button on the keypad and type in search - Task Manager . Also, you can open task manager through Ctrl + Alt + Delete button.

Task Manager

Task Manager

  • Now Select the Processes Tab and find RDP Clipboard Monitor Process. just right-click and end the task. Similarly, find Remote Desktop Connection & end its task.

Task Manager

  • After killing both tasks. click on the File button ( above ) and select Run New Task.
  • Type rdpclip.exe and Click on Ok.
Task Manager


Now if you want, restart your computer. Check again with a new remote. I hope you will be able to copy and paste now.

If there is still an issue then let me know through comments. I'll try to break it some other way.

Thanks !!!

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