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Friends, today's topic is a bit interesting because today in this article we will learn how to do language translation on Google Sheets. Isn't it an important topic!!!

Then without delay, we come straight to our point and open our google sheet.

About Google Sheets:

Google Sheets is an online platform created by Google where you can modify, edit and perform other related tasks on your spreadsheet. You can call Google Sheets as an alternative to Microsoft Excel. Just like you work in Microsoft Excel, the same work can be done in Google Sheets.

The specialty of Google Sheets is that -

  • This is an online platform.
  • Can work well when there is the internet.
  • You can also work offline in Google Sheets.

Translation Formula :

Since today we will learn in our post that - in Google Sheets, how do we translate the word written in a shell into another language.

Our Topic is - Google Sheet Translate Formula: English to Hindi

Formula :

=googletranslate (C4, "en", "hi")

How to Apply : 

Hmm, so friends, let's learn step by step how we do language conversion in Google Sheets.


  • Types formula in that shell, where you want to convert. please refer attached pic.

  • Now press enter button and you will be able to see that the conversion has been done very smoothly.
  • In my case, I have converted from English to Hindi. That's why the shortcode of Hindi "hi" is used.
  • Now you can convert the lower shell also by pressing Ctrl Button + D button.

Google Languages Codes

Link:- Find Google Language Codes

Conclusion :

Friends, today we have learned how to convert one language to another in Google Sheets. Do let me know how you liked this post. looking forward to your cooperation.

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