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While working on the computer, everyone wants their work to be done quickly. That's why shortcuts are used as much as possible. You might also use many shortcuts when working in Microsoft Excel. Similarly, today we will also learn how to open the most used apps on our computer in a shortcut. For example, if we pin Outlook to the taskbar, then how easy it would be to open it. In today's post, we will learn how to pin and unpin these apps on the taskbar.

What is Pin & Unpin an Application to Start Menu & on Taskbar?

Pinning and unpinning means that you put an application in such a place so that it can be used easily when needed. Like I pinned Outlook to my computer's taskbar. Now whenever I want to open Outlook, I will click on that pinned Outlook and open it. In this way, I do not need to go to the computer program to open Outlook.

Today we will learn - 

  • Pin Apps to the Start menu & on Taskbar 
  • How to Pin & Unpin an application to the Start Menu & on the Taskbar?
  •  Pin and Unpin apps to the start menu - Windows 10

What are the benefits?

Pinning any application to the start menu or pinning it to the taskbar is very easy. By doing this you can open that application in a shortcut way. Doing this will increase your work style and save your time.

So coming to our main point let us see how we pin and unpin an application.

Steps to Pin an Application :

  • Open Start or Press Windows Button on the keypad. then find the App you want to pin.
  • Then Select Apps, right-click that & choose Pin to Start or Pin to Taskbar ( Pin to taskbar may in the more option )
Pin and Unpin apps to the start menu - Windows 10

Pin and Unpin apps to the start menu - Windows 10

Steps to UnPin an Application :

  • To unpin an app, select Unpin from Start or from the Taskbar. just right-click an application on the taskbar and choose Unpin.

Pin and Unpin apps to the start menu - Windows 10


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