How to shrink volume in Windows 7 ?

The built-in Disk Management in Windows 7 has added two new features "Extend Volume" and “Shrink Volume” comparing with the former ones, like Windows XP and so on. These two new features help resize partition more flexibly than before with Disk Management. Below is how to shrink volume in Windows 7 with Disk Management.

The Following Steps Are :- 

Step 1 

Right Click On My Computer and Select In The Menu bar.

Step 2 

Click On Storage Option , In Sub Menu You Will Get,
After Clicking On That You Will Get Some Interface Of Connecting To Virtual Disk,
After that Your Partition Will appear .

Step 3

You have to Select Disk That have to make partition .

Step 4

After that Right Click on  the disk and select on Shrink Volume.

Step 5

After Some Time Windows will Automatically Show how much  Space can be free from current Disk.
You Can Manually  Add your Partition Space According to Given Space by Windows..


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