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Welcome to Ms Windows - www.mswindows.net 🙏

MS Windows formally known as Microsoft Windows is one of the Indian-based technical blogs.  This is not just a blog, but it is my passion.

About Me :

Hi Friends, My name is Vimlesh Kumar Yadav, and I live in the most beautiful country's (India) most beautiful city in Mumbai. I am a computer IT professional as well as a Graduate of Economics. 

I was born in Jaunpur, a small district of Uttar Pradesh, but completed my schooling and graduation in Mumbai. The corporate atmosphere was not found as expected before graduation. This means could not count so many rejections to get one job.

It is said that the one who does not give up will definitely win. Even if it's a small victory. I also got a small job in computer IT along the same lines. Yes, I was not happy with that salary.

Then slowly I also started doing some professional courses like  I did Microsoft certification,  Cisco - CCNA &  Linux administration ( RHCL ), and thus started getting a living salary. The story is not over yet... The struggle is still going on...

Purpose For Blogging :

Friends, the main reason for starting a blog in the digital age is to make technology information accessible to people in easy and simple words.  I still remember how hard it was to get my first job in the computer IT industry. I want that the information that I have should reach the people accurately and cheaply.

After much deliberation, I finally, on 11th Feb 2021, started blogging by buying a domain (www.mswindows.net). Now, your support is needed. Because without your support nothing is possible.

Born Date :- 11th Feb 2021

My Request :

As you know corporate culture is not doing well these days. How long can the job be done? In such a situation, blogging is a good option. Just as soon as I got this information, I set out on the path of blogging. It's nice to collect information and share it with you guys now. Slowly I started enjoying it a lot. But still not earning money 😒.

I can never ask you guys to give me donations, but I request you guys to definitely click on the advertising you see relevant to you.  By doing this my blogging income will definitely increase somewhat. And this is also the result of my hard work.

Last line :

Friends, be happy in your life and keep smiling because what you get is enough...

🙏🙏🙏 Have a nice day !!🙏🙏🙏

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