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 What is difference between HTTP & HTTPS ?

The full form of HTTP  is  Hyper Text Transfer Protocol .  Its a protocol or rules which is used while presenting information or transferring data over a network. 

Similarly the full form of HTTPS is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure . Here HTTPS uses TLS or SSL to encrypt HTTP request & response. Here TLS & SSL is method to encrypt data over a network. As per OSI Model , HTTP & HTTPS is a layer 7 Protocol. 

  • TLS - Transport Layer Security.
  • SSL - Security Socket Layer


Difference between HTTP & HTTPS.

  • HTTP URL in your browser's address bar is http://xyz.com  and the HTTPS URL is https://xyz.com.
  • HTTP is unsecured while HTTPS is secured.
  • HTTP sends data over port 80 while HTTPS uses port 443.
  • HTTP operates at application layer, while HTTPS operates at transport layer.
  • No SSL certificates are required for HTTP. with HTTPS it is required that you have an SSL certificate and it is signed by a CA.
  • HTTP doesn't require domain validation, where as HTTPS requires at least domain validation and certain certificates even require legal document validation.
  • No encryption in HTTP, with HTTPS the data is encrypted .


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