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Hello everyone, welcome back to another Gmail tutorial. In this quick tutorial, I will tell you how to enable or disable Google Meet in Gmail.

Google Meet is a video conferencing app operated and maintained by Google. You can use this software to conduct or join office or school meetings.

Gmail provides a unique feature through which you can join Google meet meetings directly through the Gmail app.

But, many Gmail users find this feature irrelevant. If you are also the same kind of user, here is how to disable Google meet feature in Gmail.

How to Disable Google Meet in Gmail

To disable Google Meet in Gmail, follow the steps given below in this tutorial:

Step 1: Open the Gmail app on your mobile or laptop. Then, click on the settings icon present in the top right corner of your laptop screen.

Step 2: Click on see all settings. This will open up the complete Gmail setting.

Step 3: Now click on the chat and meet tab.

Step 4: Under the meet section, click on "hide the meet section in the main menu" to disable the Google meet feature in Gmail.

Once the above option is selected, reload your Gmail account. You will find that the Google meet feature will go away.

Thanks for reading this article. See you soon in another quick tutorial.

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