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The role of virtual memory is vital when the computer's physical memory becomes incapable of performing any task. It is an essential part of the computer's RAM and hard drive. When the physical memory of the computer is not enough to perform a task, Windows temporarily uses the virtual memory to complete the task.

Continuing in this sequence, today we will learn to edit virtual memory and make changes according to the need.

Let's see, how to change virtual memory.

  • Open the Control panel  ( view by - small icons ) 

Shortcut for control panel -  Open RUN & type "control.exe" & hit enter button.

  • Now Choose System in the control panel & open it.

  • Now Select Advanced system settings ( from the right  side )
Shortcut for Advanced System Settings - 
Open RUN & type or copy pest below line & hit enter button.


  • Next Select Advanced Tab from the Upper side & open the Settings option in Performance.

  •  Similarly, Click on Advanced Tab. Select or check on Programs & finally click on Change. plz, refer picture.

  •  Now finally you will get an option here to change the Virtual Memory of the Computer. 
  • Uncheck on "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives". 
  • Next Select Drive, where you want to virtual memory, like C drive, D Drive, etc.
  • Finally, click on Custom size & enter the virtual memory amount or size. 
  • Initial size & maximum size is mandatory. plz, refer attached picture.

Thanks for reading !!!

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