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Friends, as soon as I reached the office, a friend of mine complained to me that when he is restarting his computer, the data saved on his desktop is disappearing.

I checked his computer and found that the window login ID he has logged into his computer is creating a temporary profile. Therefore, when he restarts his computer, all his data disappears, that is, it flies away.

Friends, as per my experience such a problem comes, sometimes due to technical issue, you login with the temporary profile in your own computer and you do not even know.

If you pay attention, its indication also comes in the lower left or right side. Whatever happens, we have to go to the solution.

Solution step by step :- 

  • First of all restart your computer and login into computer with Administrator account. The biggest advantage of login with Administrator account is that you get all kinds of Admin rights.
  • I recommend to take all official as well as personal data on safe place before doing anything.
  • In the next step you have to open Registry Editor. There are many ways to open Registry Editor, but I will tell you here only two ways, otherwise the post becomes unnecessarily large.
  • To open the Registry Editor, you have to open the RUN  by pressing the Window button + R button. The second way is to open the command prompt (CMD) and open Registry Editor by typing regedit there.

  • As soon as the RUN application is open, you have to type regedit and press the button of enter. 
  • Once you open the Registry Editor, you have to go to the path given below and find the profile according to your Window login ID.

Navigate to this path: open the path given below.

Computer \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ CurrentVersion\ ProfileList

  • You have to find the same profile here, one of them will be .bak in the last of the profile, now you have to delete this .bak profile, or you can also rename it. You can give it an old name when renaming.
  • If there are no chances of loss of data in the system, then delete the entire profile, login and create a new profile, but remember that by doing this your data can be lost. 
  • Now restart the computer and login with your correct login ID. 
 I hope your problem will be solved here. 


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