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Herin's Boot CD

As we know Hiren Boot is one of the best tool for any kind of windows password reset . Here we have to boot our PC through Hiren Bootable Media . 

Download Hiren's Boot CD from below path :-

Extract The Zip and make a bootable pendrive by burning a ISO image

We are here using Rufus Software for making media bootable. 

Download Rufus from below path.


After making bootable media drive . connect it to that PC where need to reset window password. 

  • Attach the Pendrive and Restart the PC.
  • Rapidly Press F12 to Enter in Boot menu. It can vary. It depends on Motherboard .
  • After Entering in Boot Menu Select the pendrive that you have inserted .

After Selecting kindly follow the steps:- 

  • Choose Mini Windows XP.
  • Open HBCD Menu.
  • Choose a Program to Launch. 
  • Choose the Windows Partition. 
  • Choose the Username to Reset Password
  • Save the Changes
  • Exit

And Restart The PC and take the logon by entering New password that you have inserted.

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