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To prevent this type of error we have to  check this 

NSIS errors can occur under any of the following conditions:

1. The software files downloaded from the Internet are incomplete.

2. The downloaded software files have changed from the original version.

3. Your computer is infected with a virus.

4. The physical media used to install the program is damaged.

5. You have a virus on your computer

You can follow this steps also to  resolve this error

1: Repair Corrupt Edge Files

Download and run Restoro to scan and restore corrupted  and missing files from any browser, and then see if the issue is fixed .

To download Restoro :-   Click on Smile.

2: Rename the installer

This is simple, and unlikely way to resolve NSIS error. Locate the setup file, and Right-click it, and select Rename from the list.

Or If

Click it, and press F2 on your keyboard.

Change the name of that setup file ( file name should not contain Space ) and run the setup again and see if it works.

3: Download the setup from another source

The installer file you have downloaded may be corrupted, which will give you the NSIS error. In this  case, try looking for the setup on other browser or other website also. Try doing this with a few installers if the second step doesn’t work.

4: Install the software using the Command Prompt

The Command Prompt is a powerful tool, and you can use that to your advantage here. Click Start and type cmd and choose Run as administrator.

When it opens, drag the installer inside the window. You will see that the path to the installer will show up on the Command Prompt screen. Don’t press Enter yet. Press Space bar, and type /NCRC after the setup path.
Then press Enter and the setup should start. The  [ /NCRC ] command will make the installer skip the corruption test, and it will continue running .

5: Check System Language

In Control Panel type Language

From the Language pane, choose Change date, time or number formats from the left pane and then go to the Administrative tab.

Choose Change System Locale to your country’s language. If the software is in a different language,  change the Language . But that will also change Language and Keyboard layout.

6: Move Installer to Another Drive

In some cases, the installer can’t be installed from a setup . Therefore, if you have multiple partitions on your computer you can move the setup to another partition. For that:

  1. Rightclick on the “(installer name)setup.exe” and select “Copy“.
  2. Open the partition and select “Paste“.
  3. Double click on the executable and check  if the issue persists.

Method 7: Scan your computer for viruses

If all of the methods fail, your computer may be infected with a virus and it will not allow  until you clean it. You can do this with an antivirus of your choice


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