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 How to remove password from PDF file ?

Often we use Adobe Acrobat Reader to check or read PDF file in our computer. It is very simple and free. It is not that this is the only medium, there are many mediums where we can read PDF. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This is a standard format.

Friends, you get Acrobat Reader in two types, one which is free and the other which we have to buy or pay some amount. Meaning one reader version comes and the other editor version.

Our question was that if we have received a PDF file and a password is attached in it and we want to remove or unlock that password, then how will we do it?

Friends, to do this, you will need Adobe Acrobat Editor and which is the licensed version. This is not possible in the free one.

Today I am going to tell you about an online site ( smallpdf.com) where you can easily unlock your PDF or remove its password.

Friends that site is given below -


You can remove the password of your PDF file by visiting this site.

  • First of all select your file or you can also drag & drop. Import your file in this way.
  • After importing you will be asked the password of the pdf and you have to enter the password.
  • After that you can download your new pdf file.

I think it is very easy and simple too.

How did you like this trick, do tell through your comments.

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