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Friends, browsing history has many uses, but there are many reasons due to which we have to delete or clear this history from time to time.

First of all, let us understand the browsing history once.

Browsing history means that whatever we do browsing in our browser, that is, access a url / website / data / blog, open, create a list of them. This list is made on the basis of historical time. Meaning, the list of the website that you will access first will be at the bottom and at what time it was accessed, all this list is made according to time.

Friends, sometimes it happens that we opened a website and later forgot its path. At such times, you can use your browsing history to find out the correct path.

But there are some reasons due to which we have to delete these history. Like I have accessed any such website and I do not want anyone to go through the history to find out what I accessed. At such a time I have to go to History and delete this website.

Without delay we know how to delete browsing history in Google Chrome -

  • First of all open your Chrome Settings.
  • Click on History Tab button .( for shortcut - press CTRL + H button )
  • Here you can select particlur website / URL or can select multiple  website / url for deletion . 

  • Select or click on Clear browsing data 
  • while open "clear browsing data" page select time rage .
  • now you can clear data from here.
Refer attached picture -

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