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Hello everyone, welcome back to another Windows 10 tutorial. In this article, I will teach you how to change passwords on Windows 10 computer or laptop. It is actually pretty easy to change the password on Windows 10 operating system. So, follow this article till the end...

How to Change Password in Windows 10 PC

How to Change Password on Windows 10 PC

To change the password in Windows 10 computer system, follow the steps given below:

Step-1: Open the search menu and type in change password. The best match result will come at the top. Click on its icon to open.

Step-2: Now, click on Windows hello pin.

Step-3: Then, click on change PIN.

Step-4: Enter the old PIN and then re-enter the PIN that you want to set as your new password for Windows 10 computer system.

How to Change Password in Windows 10 PC

Step-5: Once you enter the new PIN, confirm it and then click on ok.

Step-6: Now, restart your computer.

In this way, you can successfully change your password on Windows 10 PC.

Thank you guys for reading this article till the end. See you soon in another new article.

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