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 The file directory is corrupted and unreadable : Fix Issue

Today a friend of mine told me that his portable hard drive is not working. When I checked, it was found that the hard drive is connecting to the laptop but it is not open and accessible. There is an error like this - "The file directory is corrupted and unreadable".

After reading the error, it was understood that there is some internal error of the hard drive which can be solved through the command of check disk.

Friends, I have given its solution step by step below, you can also try it.

Solution Step by Step :-

  • First open CMD ( Command Prompt) through administrator ( run as administrator )
  • Type command chkdsk /f  e:    (  e= hard drive volume name)
  • Press enter button . it will take some time .

As soon as you press the enter button, a long process will run and in the end your problem will be solved.

As this process is over, you wait a bit and restart your computer and connect the hard drive to the laptop / computer again. 

I hope this process will solve your issue. Do let us know through your comments

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