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It must have been a long time since we used computers. I've been around for 15 years, still need to gain knowledge of computers. How long have you been there? Whatever may happen now, one thing is sure learning never stops in life. That's why even now I keep taking computer-related knowledge.

Friends, taking this sequence forward, today we will learn a little information related to Hard Disks and RAM. Today we will learn by which calculation the Hard Disks and RAM are measured. What method is used.

The second thing is that if we buy a 1 TB Hard drive then why it shows less on windows computers?

Hard Disk & RAM Conversion Calculation:

Hard disks are commonly rated by capacity. The following measurements are used for disk space and memory capacity: 

The conversion rate used by the computer is 1 KB = 1024 bytes, 1 MB=1024 KB, 1 GB = 1024 MB, 1 TB = 1024 GB, etc.

1 KB (kilobytes) = 1024 Bytes
1 MB (megabyte) = 1,024 KB (kilobytes)
1 GB (gigabyte) = 1,024 MB 
1 TB (terabyte) = 1,024 GB 
1 PB (petabyte) = 1,024 TB 
1 EB (exabyte) = 1,024 PB

The above conversion rate (calculation) is followed by Windows Operating System.

Hard Disk  & RAM manufacturer's conversion Calculation

A Windows computer will never tell you that your hard disk has as much free space as advertised by the hard disk manufacturer. This is because the hard disk manufacturer uses a different conversion rate than the computer for bytes to megabytes, gigabytes, etc.

The conversion rate used by hard disk manufacturers is 1 KB = 1000 Bytes. (The correct conversion rate according to the International Electrotechnical Commission)

1 KB (kilobytes) = 1000 Bytes
1 MB (megabyte) = 1,000 KB (kilobytes)
1 GB (gigabyte) = 1,000 MB 
1 TB (terabyte) = 1,000 GB 
1 PB (petabyte) = 1,000 TB 
1 EB (exabyte) = 1,000 PB

Hence while we purchase a 1 TB Hard Drive from the manufacturer it means we purchase a 1000 GB hard drive.

So when we install a 1 TB hard drive in our computer then according to the computer it should be 1024 GB while it is only 1000 GB. And this is the difference that the size of the hard drive installed in the computer looks a bit less.

Refer to below Pic.

Thanks !!!

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