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If you are unable to delete items, files, and folders from the Recycle Bin , then you need to repair the Recycle Bin. It is quite possible that your Recycle Bin has become corrupted, you can face various problems. When this happens, it may not show the files that you have been deleted from your File Explorer and unable to delete the files from Recycle Bin  or even unable to empty the Recycle Bin completely.

Recycle Bin

 Repair Recycle Bin using FixWin

Cannot delete items from Recycle Bin

Download and use freeware FixWin to repair the Recycle Bin with a click.

The program is portable and does not have to be installed. Just right-click on FixWin.exe and select Run as administrator.

  1. Select the Additional Fixes section.
  2. Next, choose the Quick fixes tab.

There you will see the Reset Recycle Bin button. Simply click on it and wait for the fix to run.

Once you done with this , the Recycle Bin will get Empty automatically.

Your PC will get Restart and Windows will automatically create a new Recycle Bin.

Delete items in Safe Mode

Boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode and then try to delete the items.

Run System File Checker

Maybe your system files have become corrupted. You may want to run.


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