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How to Use your Pen drive as your external RAM !!!

As per the system Configuration some time we need to increase RAM for good Performance
but for that we have to  install a addition RAM in  PC or Laptop

I case we don't have additional slot for installation of RAM.

For that we don't have to  buy and install the RAM in System.

We have to just use the inbuilt function called Ready Boost Function 
the system will automatically assign how much space is free for assigning external RAM

How to Use your Pen drive as your external RAM !!!

Follow the given step

1. Connect the pen drive to PC or  Laptop

2. Open My Computer , and Right Click on the Pen Drive 

3. open Properties 


4. In Properties you will get a ReadyBoost option just open that

5. System will automatically recommends you for reserving space for optimal performance

6. Adjust the space according to your performance

your Device is ready to  Boost Your PC

It is a plug and play Device

If you are removing your USB Drive the system will automatically move to inbuilt RAM Stage

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