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Today when i reached to  my office , I found a user who is unable to  print a mail from  Microsoft office 2019

 I checked and i found that some mail are not allowing Print Preview ie without print preview we cannot print document or any file

And it is not allowing to  connect to  printer also.

for some errors we usually proceed to  Quick Repair Mode , which provided by Microsoft soft.

Then also i found the same issue .

To fix this issue permanently i have 2 easy Solution 

there is a file name OutlPrnt  located at (C:\Users\(name of user in which mail is configured)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook ) this given Directory

This file is which allows to print any content on Mail.

If it is corrupted then it will not allow to  print any of the content of mail.

2 ways to resolve this error

1. Delete the OutlPrnt  file from the give Directory  OR

2. Rename OutlPrnt  file 

This file will automatically generated if we Delete or Rename

After Deletion or Renaming open that mail and you will find the print preview of mail 

which was not available 

Now you can print you mail by selecting printer on which you have to  print

This trick is applied for all versions of Microsoft office.

I hope the printing Issue is resolved...

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