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The full form of  PING is  Packet Internet Groper .  It is a utility ( Command Line Utility ) or a small application/Software which is available in almost every operating system. The main job of this utility is to check network devices reach-ability on an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

According to many technical experts the name PING comes from SONAR terminology . As we know in SONAR , a PING is an audible sound wave sent out to find an object. As soon as sound touch the object , it will be reflect or echo and back to the main source. And then the distance and location of the object can be  find by measuring the time & direction of the returning sound wave.

Similarly PING Command work in Computer or in Network devices. Here as soon as we ping a computer or network devices , then the ping sends an echo request to that remote device. And thus as soon as the remote computer receive the request , it acknowledges . The remote host send back echo reply.

The distance (Number of Hopes) to the remote system can be determine from the replay , as well as the conditions in - between (packet loss and time respond ).

History Of PING :-

The PING utility was written and develop by Mike Muuss (October 16, 1958 – November 20, 2000). He was an American author & It was written in 1983 approx . He is graduated from Johns Hopkins University. Muuss was a senior scientist specializing in geometric solid modeling, ray-tracing, MIMD architectures and digital computer networks.

How PING Command Works ?

The PING command or Utility is a very common method for troubleshooting the accessibility of IP network devices. It is using a series of ICMP (Internet Control Massage Protocol) Echo Massages to determine -
  • whether a remote host or device is active or inactive.
  • The round trip delay in communicating with the host device & packet loss.
PING command first send Echo request to destination host device , then waits for its reply . The PING is successful only if the echo request get & touch the destination & destination system is able to get an echo reply. All these communication should be in Packet form.

Why PING command ?

The main uses of PING utility is to find destination system/device or any network resources reach-ability. If you want to check communication status between 2 network resource then use Ping command. 

Big Uses Of PING Utility :-

Discovery :- If you want to discover any device in your network then use PING command.
Monitoring :- If you want to continues monitor any network device then keep.

How to Use PING Command ?

if you want to check any network device live status then ping it . for ping we need host address or IP address. For PING just -

  • open CMD command 
  • type ping and space then host name or IP address of destination systems.

 For example - here i am pinging my blog https://www.mswindows.net/ 

In above picture we can see -
  • First Blog is active and live because getting reply with TTL.
  • Total packet sent =4 & Received =4 
  • No Packet Loss.
Similarly in another example i am pinging one IP address of my system which is in my network but currently its switch off and its IP address is lets see what happen-

here we can see - 

  • The Destination Systems IP is not reachable mean system is not reachable.
  • packet sent =4
  • received =4
  • Loss=0 % . Mean total loss.

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