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What is Operating System ? What are the functions of operating system ?

Friends, today's post which I am writing is about operating system, it is very interesting. From this article, you will definitely learn something new about the operating system.

What is Operating System ?

The operating system installed in a computer is the interface between the computer user and the computer's hardware. It helps the user to access the hardware and installed software of the computer.

Types Of Operating System :-

How many types of operating systems are there, it depends on their use. Such as client operating systems and network operating systems.
By the way, there are many types of operating systems like -

Computer Operating System

  • Linux Operating System
  • Microsoft operating system
  • mac operating system (Macintosh)
  • Ubuntu
  • Unix
  • fedora  ......etc & etc

Mobile Operating System

These are some of Mobile Operating System –
  • iOS
  • Blackberry
  • Windows
  • Android OS
Many other operating systems are used. But every operating has two aspects, one is the client base operating system and the other is the network base operating system.

Functions of operating system :-

  • Memory Management
  • Processor Management
  • Device Management
  • Hard Disk (Storage ) Management
  • File Management
  • Security 

Memory Management :-

Memory management means to manage the installed primary memory (RAM) in the computer. This primary memory is also called main memory. Main memory of computer It is a fast storage, which is directly accessed by the processor.

Which application or program has to run on the main memory and how much memory is to be given to the application or program, it is all managed.

Processor Management :-

Processor Management This is a major function of the operating system.
Through process scheduling, the operating system decides which application or software is to be given what percentage of processing, when and for how much time.
Like you have opened two applications simultaneously. Now which application needs how much processing power, it all decides the operating system.

Device Management :-

Computer operating system manages hardware devices. For this, it also needs a hardware driver. Like if you have connected a video camera to your computer, first of all you have to install the driver of that camera. With the help of this driver the operating system is able to manage this camera. Similarly, all the input and output devices are managed by the operating system.

Hard Disk (Storage ) & File Management :-

The hard drive installed in the computer, which performs the function of storage, is also managed by the operating system of the computer. The file system is often used to manage such hard drives. File system is a technology with the help of which the data stored in the hard drive and its structure are managed.

File system like -
  • NTFS
  • FAT
  • Ext 3
Microsoft uses NTFS file system in its new operating system.

Security :-

Security is also an important responsibility of the operating system. Your operating system decides who can and can't login to your operating system. Microsoft uses Cerberus technology for operating system security.

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