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Friends, in today's post we will learn what is blogging and how to earn money from it? Blogging is a very interesting topic for me. I enjoy talking about it, reading and writing about it. You are probably interested in this too, that's why you are reading this post. By the way, by reading this post, you will get a lot of information about blogging.

What is blogging?

We keep giving our own opinion or explanation about blogging. According to me blogging is a process in which we keep writing on some topics or our daily routine. Like earlier people used to write their daily routine in a book. As time is changing now the place of book has been replaced by internet. Google has created a platform through the Internet where we can do blogging for free. Yes it is absolutely free!!! This platform is called blogger. By the way, along with Google, there are other platforms from where you can do blogging. Like WordPress, etc.

Friends, in today's post we are going to talk about blogger only. Blogger This is a service provided by Google, which we also call Blogspot. You can create your own blog for free on Blogspot or Blogger. It's also very easy.

Friends, if we talk about whether money can be made from blog, then I will say - yes !!! Money can be earned from this. But not as easily as I said yes. But it is not that difficult either. For this, you may have to do a lot of hard work and study. If you do blogging on a daily basis, then you can definitely earn money. I have seen many people that they have left their corporate jobs and are doing blogging full time.

How to make a blog on blogger for free?

This is a very important question that after all, how to make a blog for free on Blogspot i.e. Blogger. Friends, I want to tell you one thing that to use any service of Google, at least you or you must have a Google account. Since Blogger or Blogspot is also an important service of Google, so for this also you must have a Google account. Anyway, Google does not charge anything for this. It's totally free.

If you do not have a Google account, then it does not matter, you can create a new Google account. This account will be ready in just five minutes.

After creating a Google account, now you have to go to Blogger's site. I am giving below the url of blogger. Click on it and go to blogger.

Blogger URL -  www.blogger.com

First of all you have to login to blogger with google account. I assume that you already have an account with Google and you have logged in to blogger with the same ID.

As soon as you login to Blogger, Blogger will first ask you the name of your new blog. Whatever name you want to name your blog, type it there. Remember this comes only when you login to blogger for the first time. If you have already created a blog by logging in to Blogger, then another option comes for that.

Here I name my new blog india505050. You can give any other name of your choice.

Now click on the next button and proceed. Now you have to tell about the display name of the blog. Meaning that when you open your blog, what should be displayed in the heading above.

I am writing here "India 505050 - Top Indian Blogger". Write your own way. After that now you have to click on finish . In this way your free blog is ready.

Remember ".blogspot.com" always comes last in the URL address of a free blog. Since we are using it for free, so it comes. If you want your domain name to come in place of blogspot, then you have to buy your domain for that.

You can see here that my new blog is ready. The address of the new blog is - https://india505050.blogspot.com/

How to make money from Blog ?

Friends, now our free blog has become. Now the question is how can I earn money from this blog? So friends, I would like to tell you that you can make money from blog in many ways like using Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing and there are many other ways by which we can earn money.

The best and most important if any here is Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing. Friends, Google AdSense is a product of Google itself.

When you create your blog, then you put daily some update i.e. article or post on that blog. Now as you will increase the traffic on your blog, in the same way advertising will start coming to your blog through Google AdSense and through that your income too. But it's not all that simple either. It has to be learned and understood by you.

Friends, we will learn the same thing in our new topic that how can Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing earn money in the blog.

I hope you liked this post and you must have got some information.

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