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In today's time every person uses computer in his daily life. Today maximum peoples want to learn and know this computer . We know that the computer needs electric current to work, but this electric current should be in only DC modes.DC Mode mean Direct Current. Today we will learn about SMPS, a very useful part of this computer. In this topic we well learn "what is SMPS in computer & why its require ?

What is SMPS ?

The full form of SMPS is Switch Mode Power Supply . The type of power supply depends on its size and usage. Its types are AT SMPS, ATx SMPS, Baby SMPS. But mostly AT and ATx are used more. Here the full form of AT SMPS is Advance Technology SMPS, and the full form of ATx SMPS is Advance Technology Extended SMPS.
  • Its a PSU (Power Supply Unit ) .
  • It is an electronic power supply that incorporates a switching regulator to convert electrical power efficiently.
  • SMPS is a kind of electronic device which converts AC (Alternate Current) current into DC (Direct Current ) current.
  • It works between 110 W to 230 W.

Why SMPS require to PC ?

The main job of SMPS is to convert alternate current to direct current with require voltage . As we know the other essential part of motherboard and computer are require only direct current for smooth work. Like Hard Disk , RAM , DVD Writer , CPU Fan etc.
  • The main function of SMPS in a computer is to convert the AC current to DC and then supply it to the motherboard.
  • SMPS regulate and provide reliable output irrespective of variation in input voltage for proper functioning of your computer.
  • SMPS provide +3.3V, +5V, and +12V

Types Of Connector :-

 ATX Connector (20 & 24 Pin)

This is a Mother Board Connector, this connector gives the charge of Mother Board +12 Volt. This connector uses AT SMPS 20 pin,  and ATX SMPS 24 Pin. 

CPU Connector (4 Pin Square type)

This connector is needed for the CPU which uses 4 pins which are all 12v and there is a connector named, SATA Power Connector.

SATA Power Connector (4 Pin )

Another 4 Pin connector is very us-full for SATA hard drive , DVD roam , etc. its provide 5 volts DC.

Top SMPS  Manufacturer -
  • Intex
  • Zebronix
  • Circle

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