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 How to highlights duplicates entry in Google Sheets ? 

In today's article, we will learn how to highlight duplicate entries in Google Sheets. We need this more when we have to find the duplicate entry, or remove the duplicate entry. Whatever it is, there may be a variety of tasks, but our aim is to highlight duplicate entries.

So friends, let us open our Google Sheets. I have created a google sheets here. In this sheet, the names of some users are given and they have been given laptop or desktop, it is shown.

  • Now go to Format tab & select conditional formatting 

  • By going to the Format tab, you have to select the Conditional Formatting. As soon as you select it, the conditional format rules will open in front of you, here you can set the formula .

  • Now you have to go here and set the formula.
    • In the Apply Range option, you have to select the area where you want to highlight the entry.
    • The second option comes of Format Rules, here you have to select the custom formula.
    • In Custom Formula, you have to set the below formula.
    • But keep in mind, here I have applied the formula according to my sheets. Shell entries will be different in your sheets

    Custom Formula for Highlights Cells is -       =countif(Range,Criteria)>1

    I hope you have understood this formula very well.

    Friends, how did you like this information, do tell through your comments.

    Thank you so much for reading the full post!!!!

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