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Outlook this is a tool with which we can manage our emails properly. That's why it is also called email managing tools. To manage means to handle emails, such as viewing, reading and sending emails and many other tasks related to emails.


It is not that Outlook is the only tool, there are many other options such as open office , thunderbird , lotus mail , squire email etc , but this Outlook of Microsoft is more popular. 

I would like to tell you that Outlook is an integral part of Microsoft Office. As the latest versions of Microsoft Office keep on coming, so does the new version of Outlook. As seen in today's time, the latest version of Microsoft Office is Office 2019, its previous version was 2016, 2010, 2007.

As new updates keep coming, the features of Outlook also keep on changing. With the addition of new bases, there is also a change in the speed of Outlook. Sometimes it happens that Outlook has trouble opening and working. Sometimes it just takes a long time to open. In such a situation, we troubleshoot Outlook, and open Outlook in safe mode.

One advantage of opening Outlook in Safe Mode is that Outlook opens with minimal service. In such a situation, Outlook is more able to open quickly and work properly.

Let us see further how we can open our Outlook in Safe Mode.

First of all we have to open Run and there by typing Outlook.exe /safe and press enter button

For RUN - press window + R button

So friends, in this way you can troubleshoot it by opening your Outlook in safe mode.

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