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Today we are writing a post on an important issue that is how to recall or undo sent emails in Gmail. How to Recall in Gmail? Keeping this information becomes more important for those people who keep writing more and more emails.

We come to the issues and learn step by step how to set up a recall or undo in Gmail.

Recall or Undo

First of all let us know what is recall?

Recall means that you have sent an email to someone or many people and now you do not want that email to reach those people or all of them cannot read the email.

What is the recall or undo mechanism in Gmail?

If you are sending an email in Gmail, then you can recall the sent email, but for this you have a maximum time of 30 seconds.

Let us understand step by step -

  1. First of all click on the Settings button (in the top right side).
  2. If the full page of settings is not visible, click on See All Settings.
  3. Now just go down in the General tab, you will see the option of undo send.
  4. Here you can set the time to undo or recall the email. Here the maximum time can be done only 30 seconds.
  5. That is, if you have sent an email to someone, then you can undo or recall it within a maximum of 30 seconds.

Thanks for reading !!!

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