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How to Check RAM Speed on Windows 10 ?

There is no need to tell what is the use of RAM in a computer or laptop. RAM is essential for any computer device to function properly. The more amount of RAM in your computer, the faster and better your computer will work. So whenever you think of getting Laptop or Desktop PC, then take maximum RAM size.

Friends, in today's post, I will share with you how we can check the RAM installed in our laptop or computer. How do we find out how much RAM is in our computer and what is its frequency.

Although there are many ways to know about the installed RAM in your computer, but I want to tell the best and sufficient way.

First of all, open Task Manager on your computer. Task Manager can be opened in many ways. Like you go to RUN, type taskmgr and press the Enter button. Another way is to right click on the Task Bar and select Task Manager.

  • When Task Manager is open, you have to click on the Performance tab.

  • Now go to Performance and select Memory.

Here you will get the details of the memory installed in your computer. From here you can find out how much GB RAM is in your computer and what is its frequency or speed.

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