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How to Change Background in Google Meet: Google Meet is one of the best video conferencing apps by Google. Using this app, you can create and conduct a high quality video meeting for a group of 200+ people. This app is highly secure as video meetings are encrypted. The demand of Google meet and other similar type of apps has increased tremendously during the covid-19 pandemic.

Google meet allows its users to change their background during or before a meeting. However, many of its users do not know the process involved in changing the background.

So, In this article, we are going to share the step-by-step procedure involved in changing Google meet background.

How to Change Background in Google Meet:

How to Change Background in Google Meet

During the Meeting:

Step-1:  First of all Open Google Meet on your computer.

Step-2: Now, join the meeting by clicking on Join meeting.

Step-3 : In the meeting windows, click on the three dots.

Step-4: A drop down menu will appear on the screen. Click on apply visual effects.

Step-5: Now, select the background according to your choice.

In this way, you can successfully change the background in Google meet.

Before the Meeting:

Step-1: Open the Google Meet app and click on join meeting.

Step-2: Before join the meeting, click on self view. Then click on effects. 

Step-3: Now, choose the background as per your choice.

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