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Friends, we all know that both Linux and Windows operating systems are used extensively all over the world. It is true that Microsoft Windows is the most used operating system all over the world. But Linux is considered better in many other respects.

What is difference between Linux & Windows ?

Friends, in today's blog ( What is difference between Linux & Windows ?) we will understand the difference between Linux and Microsoft Windows. We will try to understand which is the best of these two?

About Linux :-

  • It is true that Linux is open source and free. This means anyone can use Linux without paying any cost.
  • Linux file system is case sensitive.
  • Linux uses monolithic kernel .
  • Linux is more powerful in terms of security .
  • Linux uses forward slash (/) for path separator.
  • Can't use Linux easily. Must have some technical knowledge for this.
  • Linux is used mostly for hacking , development & security .
  • In  Linux three types of user account .  1) Root , 2) Regular 3) Service.
  • Root account is use for administrative privileges . 
  • The word directory is used in Linux. 
  • Linux file naming convention in case sensitive. Thus, bharat  and BHARAT are 2 different files in Linux/Unix operating system.

About Windows :-

  • Windows is not an open source and if you want use its then you have to pay its cost.
  • Windows file system is case insensitive . 
  • Windows uses micro kernel.
  • In terms of security , windows OS is less secure as compare to linux.
  • Windows use backward slash (\) for path separator .
  • Windows are user friendly . not require much technical knowledge .
  • Windows OS is mostly use for Office work , school work , home work purpose.
  • Windows have basically four types of account . 1) Administrator 2) Standard 3) Child 4 ) Guest.
  • Administrator account is use for administrative privileges .
  • In Windows, the word folder is used instead of directory. 
  • In Windows, you cannot have 2 files with the same name in the same folder.

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