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In this quick tutorial, we are going to see how we can remove the private or incognito history from our computer or laptop. When we browse the internet in incognito mode, our history and data are recorded and stored on our PC only. If you want to remove that history then, you can follow this tutorial till the end. The process is really very simple and straightforward. So, let's start...

How to Delete Incognito History in Google Chrome

To delete incognito history in Google Chrome, follow the steps given in this article:

Step-1: Open the search menu and type in the command prompt.

Step-2: Click on run as administrator. This will open the command prompt for you.

How to Delete Incognito History in Google Chrome

Step-3: Once your command prompt is opened, you need to type one very simple single-line command and that is "ipconfig /flushdns".

How to Delete Incognito History in Google Chrome

Step-4: Before pressing the enter button, make sure that all the spellings are correct. Otherwise, the command will not work.

Step-5: Now, press the enter button.

In this way, the private browsing history or incognito history stored in your computer will be cleared.

Thank you guys for reading this article. See you soon in another quick tutorial.

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