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Hello friends , by reading this post completely, you will get answers to many questions. like -

👉How to save login credentials in Chrome ?

👉How to save passwords in Chrome when not asked ?

👉How to save password in Chrome manually ?

You will know and you must have experienced it many times that when you login to a website in Google Chrome, there is an option to save the password immediately. This is also a good feature of Google Chrome. I like to save the password as I often forget the password. Yes it can be wrong from security point of view .

If you are not getting the password auto saving in Chrome browser, then you must check the following setting -

How to enable or disable auto save password in Google Chrome ?

Steps :-

👉Open chrome browser & open settings option.
👉Select autofill option ( left side ) .
👉In autofill select password manager .
👉here you you can find enable or disable option related to auto save password .

But today we are going to learn what to do if login ID and password are not being asked to save.
How do we set the password manually . 

How to save credentials ( login ID & Password ) in Google Chrome manually ?

👉Open chrome browser & open settings option then

👉Select autofill option ( left side ) then

👉In autofill select password manager

👉while you open password manager you will get list of save passwords . Here is one option where you can add manually login id & password .

👉just click on Add option.

I hope that by reading this post today, you must have got a new information. Friends, you can also share this post with your friends.


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