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I always have the desire to learn something new on the computer, so maybe I keep doing something or the other on my computer. Like changing computer parts, installing a new operating system, or changing its looks.

It seems very interesting to do this. So today I customized the start menu on my computer many times in my own way and changed its looks many times.

Friends, today I will also tell you how you too can customize the start menu of your computer. It is just like playing a game. You might want to do this.

By reading today's post completely, you can easily understand the following topics -

  • How do I customize my start menu?
  • How do I change the start menu style in Windows 10?
  • Change Windows 10 start menu to the classic view.
  • Change Windows 10 start menu to default.
  • Windows 10 start menu like Windows 7.

What is  Start Menu?

in simple language, the start menu is a key point on your computer from where you can access every application or program installed on the computer.  Or

The Start Menu is the main point of access to your applications.

How & When do you use the start menu?

We all know that when we have to open any application on the computer, then we need the start menu. Because we can easily access all the applications installed on the computer through the start menu.

To access the Start menu, press the Windows button on your computer.

Why customization?

If you're not happy with the way your current Start menu looks, you can modify it. For example, minimizing or maximizing the start menu, or pinning an important application.

Customization Start Menu?

Customization of the start menu is like a game. And I know you like to play games. friends, I mean it's very simple & easy to customize the Start Menu on the computer. Let's see, how we can do it...

Change the start menu size:

You can change the Start menu on the computer as per your requirement. Like resizing the Start menu or small screen and full screen.

Steps 1:-

  • Open or start the Start Menu by pressing the Windows button on the keypad. 
  • To change the height of the start menu, position your cursor on the top edge of the Start menu, then hold down the left mouse button and drag your mouse up or down. 
  • The Start menu will change size as you drag the mouse. When you find the height you like, release the mouse button, and the Start menu will stay that way.

Step 2:-

  • Open Settings ( Press Windows button + I )
  • Choose Personalization & open it.
  • Click on the Start tab from the left side.
  • Now enable "Use Start full screen"

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Pin or Unpin Application:

It is very easy to pin or unpin any application on the taskbar on your computer. Let us learn this in a few seconds.


  • Open the Start Menu and select the application you want to pin to the taskbar.
  • Right-click on that application and Choose Pin to Start or Pin to taskbar.

  • Similarly, if you want to unpin an application then right-click that application on the taskbar and choose unpin.

Start Menu - Full-Screen Mode :

I would have liked to see the Start menu in full-screen mode. One advantage of this is that I have kept all the necessary applications pinned here.

  • Open Settings ( Press Windows button + I )
  • Choose Personalization & open it.
  • Click on the Start tab from the left side.
  • Now enable "Use Start full screen"

Manage the Folders on the Start menu :

This is a nice feature. You can also place your folders like Documents, Downloads, etc. folders in the Start menu.


  • Just open Setting ( Windows button + I )
  • Open Personalization 
  • Open or click on Start ( Left Side )
  • Click and Open "Choose which folders open on start"
  • Now you can choose your folder & enable or disable it, as per your requirement.

Change the Windows 10 Start Menu to Classic Mode :

If you want to classicize your computer's Start menu, you can do it very easily. You just have to do a little.


  • You have to unpin all pinned applications in your computer's start menu.

Resize the Start menu Tiles 

We learn further to resize the tiles of any application, that is, to make it smaller or larger.

  • You just have to click on the application,
  • Click on Resize & choose Small or Medium.

Change Color & Transparency :

You can also set the color of your start menu according to your own. it's so easy to do.


  • Open Setting ( Windows button + I )
  • Open Personalization 
  • Choose a Color ( from the right side )
  • Now you can make changes according to your needs.

Friends, I hope that you must have learned something from this article. If I am missing something, then you must tell me through your comments. Don't forget to give your blessings 🙏.

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