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How to Copy Jio Caller Tune: Reliance Jio is India's largest telecom company situated in Navi, Mumbai. It is one of the largest 4G network providers for individuals and businesses. They provide free caller tune features to their users. Using their official Jio saavan app, you can set your favorite Bollywood or Hollywood song as your caller tune. You can use the Jio Saavan app to set an unlimited number of caller tunes on your mobile number.

How to Copy Jio Caller Tune
In this article, you will learn three different methods to copy the Jio caller tune from any other Jio user. Copying a Jio caller tune is not very complex task. You only need to read and follow this article till the end to know all the steps involved in this.

What is a Caller Tune

Whenever someone calls on your mobile number, they hear a song or a dialog instead of the ringing sound. The song or the dialog that they heard while calling you is called the caller tune. Caller tune is basically a paid service. But, Reliance Jio offers free caller tunes to their customers.

How to Copy Caller Tune in Jio For Free

We have three methods to copy a Jio caller tune:
  • By using the Jio Saavan app
  • By sending SMS
  • Copy the song while calling someone

By Using the Jio Saavan App

How to Copy Jio Caller Tune

Step-1: Download the Jio saavan app from the Google Play store.

Step-2: Login into it by entering your Jio mobile number.

Step-3: Now, go to the Search tab and search for the song which you want to copy.

Step-4: Open the song and then click on the three dots.

Step-5: Click on Jiotune & Ringtone.

Step-6: Finally, click on Set JioTune. You will receive a confirmation message on your Jio number.

In this way, you can copy a caller tune using the Jio saavan app.

By Sending SMS

You can also copy a caller tune by sending an SMS to the Jio toll-free number. Here is the guide:

Step-1: First, choose the song which you want to set as your Jio caller tune.

Step-2: Now, send an SMS to 56789 with the first three words of the song that you have selected.

After some time, the selected song will be set as your caller tune on your Jio mobile number.

Copy the Song While Calling Someone

Here I will tell you How to copy the Jio caller tune while calling someone:

Step-1: Make a call on that number whose caller tune you want to copy.

Step-2: Before the call gets received, press the asterisk (*) button.

Step-3: Now, you will receive a confirmation message on your mobile number. You have to reply to that number by typing 'Y' within 30 minutes.

In this way, the desired song will be set as your caller's tune.

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