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Hello everyone, In this article, I will talk about the 5 most useful vs code extensions that will help you code faster on VS code. Using these extensions will make your code faster, clean, and more efficient.

Visual studio code or vs code is software that helps users to code on laptops and computers. This software is owned by Microsoft and is available for free. You can use this software to code in any programming language you want.

5 Tools That Make You Code Faster

Here is the list of 5 vs code extensions that will make your code faster:

  • Prettier - This tool has millions of downloads due to its efficiency and the facility that it serves users. Basically, it formats the code written by the programmer. Once this extension is installed on the vs code, it will format the code automatically and will make your code look prettier and clean. For example - suppose you forget to put spaces in your code then this extension will automatically put the spaces and will make your code look cleaner.
How to Code Faster in VS Code [5 Top Extensions]

  • Material Theme - This extension provides you different shades of dark themes. Using this theme you can customize the vs code theme as per your need.
  • Indent Rainbow - If you are a python user, then this extension is gonna be very useful for you. This extension makes your code of the same color have the same indentation.
  • Autoclose Tag - This extension is one of the most useful extensions for HTML users. It automatically writes the closing tag for an opening tag.
  • REST Client - This extension can be used to test any request and view the response in the visual studio code. For example- get request, post request, etc.
That's it, guys. See you soon in another new article.

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